Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goodbye Blog...Kind Of

I'm sure by now most of you have heard the good news that John accepted a full-time job at MUSC and we'll be staying in Charleston indefinitely post-residency. Hooray! We had a lot of hard decisions to make this year, interviewing for jobs around the country, etc. But we have absolutely fallen in love with Charleston and couldn't be happier that our stay here no longer has an expiration date.

That being said, this blog might be expiring soon. As you know, I started it when we first moved here because so many of our family and friends were curious about our new life in the South. I've enjoyed posting our personal photos and adventures here and sharing them with you all back in Oklahoma. But now that the year of residency is over, it seems unfathomable to keep this thing going forever. Besides, it's hard to keep up with and let's face it, most of you are friends with me on Facebook anyway.

But don't worry, I wouldn't go cold turkey on you. This blog will stay active and I might even post here from time to time if I have an especially good personal story that needs sharing beyond a few Facebook photos. On the other hand, I have created a new blog with some new goals and purposes.

Now that I'm a permanent Charleston resident, I'm going to try my hand at freelancing more seriously at some local publications. Therefore I have created a new blog that is more of a professional online portfolio and editorial blog to showcase my writing rather than my personal life. I'll still write about fun things to do and eat in Charleston, so you should still check it out. But prepare to see more writing and less photos (find those on Facebook.) Different, but still enjoyable!

Find the new blog here.

So goodbye for now, blog reader (aka: Mom). Thanks for sharing in these adventures with me!

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  1. Hold on a minute Mary and I always read your blog!!!! How else are we supposed to know what that brother of ours is up to? And how long or short his beard is? Julie